Fresh Sugar Lip Balm, Lip Polish, and Shine Treatment Mini Reviews


The Fresh Sugar lip treatments are hugely popular. Although I liked the ones I received way back when as the Sephora birthday gift, I couldn’t get past how the matte tube felt. It made me cringe to the point where I couldn’t get past the feeling to actually enjoy the balm inside. Now, the tubes seem to have changed a bit, and I found myself with this little mini set, a Sephora freebie from earlier this year.


I have two balms: Advanced Therapy (clear) and Rose, which is tinted pink. I’ve used the clear one more and I really like it. It is so soft, and it smells like lemons! The rose one gifts a nice flush to the lips and is also very conditioning. The Advanced Therapy formula is really great for my lips, which are usually dry. I also have the bad habit of licking my lips, and I know this doesn’t help that cause!


I usually use LUSH Bubblegum lip scrub, but I like this lip polish as well. It smells like brown sugar, and instead of being strictly scrub, it is also very soft and conditioning. If you like the ELF lip scrub, this is way more conditioning than that product is; it is also more gentle.


The Sugar Shine Lip Treatment is exactly what it sounds like: it provides high shine and conditioning to the lips. I don’t think I would purchase this in the full size. While it’s nice, I just don’t find it mind blowing.

The big winner in this bunch is the Advanced Therapy balm. It is easy to use, smells fantastic, and makes my lips feel soft. Even if my lips are cracked and painful, this conditions them right away. It’s $25, which is a lot for a balm, but it is way better than the Dior Creme de Rose balm in my humble opinion, which is a couple dollars more. I will probably purchase a full size Advanced Therapy soon!


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