Review: Sonia Kashuk 130 Buffing Brush Brush


I’m feeling the need to give the Sonia Kashuk No. 130 buffing brush some love. This is an awesome brush that I have been using for just about everything lately! This brush is $13 USD at Target stores and it is made of synthetic bristles.


I don’t find this brush amazingly soft, but it isn’t scratchy either. The black line of brushes from Sonia Kashuk (more expensive) has softer bristles than the line with the white handles. That said, I’m finding this brush to be an awesome multi-tasker. I especially love it for blush. It is the perfect size and I love how it blends. It also picks up just enough product and distributes it evenly, instead of picking up too much. It’s hard to go overboard with this brush.

This is also a great brush for liquid foundation. It applies just as well as a flat-top style brush, and it doesn’t suck up tons of product, so it’s easy to clean. I can’t stand when my brushes seem to drink up product no matter what. I love the Sigma flat top brush, but that thing does not let go of foundation!

SK130Size is perfect for me!


Here it is compared to the Real Techniques Multitasker brush. The RT brush is not the same shape, but they are similar in size. The RT brush is flatter in shape and wider. You can see how dense the Sonia Kashuk brush is here as well.

I’ve washed the 130 brush several times and it is holding up nicely without shedding. I may actually purchase another one so I have one for powder and one for liquids. If you’re new to brushes, or are looking for the perfect blush brush, this one is a great option and it’s very affordable.


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