NARS Holiday 2014- Soleil D’Orient Lip Gloss


I originally saw a swatch of Soleil D’Orient lip gloss from NARS on The Beauty Look Book and ordered it immediately from Nordstrom. This gloss is just gorgeous and totally my kind of color. The NARS holiday collection features art by architectural designer Chris Kabatsi, and the design is on both the box and the top of the gloss tube.

S2Blurry sun swatch- check out that sparkle!

Soleil D’Orient is a pink champagne gloss. It is loaded with sparkle, but it does not feel chunky or gritty on the lips. The formula is very smooth, not sticky, and it doesn’t feel thick. I love this gloss and think it is a big improvement on the old formula.

S3Swatched, natural light


When I first saw Soleil D’Orient, I wondered how it would compare to MAC’s Water Deities. As you can see in the photo, Water Deities is more pink. The distinction is even more prominent in photos. It also seems to be a bit warmer in tone.


I’m glad I splurged on this lip gloss! I’ve been trying not to buy lip gloss because I have way too much of it, but I just couldn’t resist this beautiful color. If you want a classy touch of shine, Soleil D’Orient is a great choice!

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