MAC Lip Pencil Reviews + Swatches


Hello! Today I’m sharing swatches of all of my MAC lip pencils. I have 11 lip pencils in a pretty big variety of shades, and I definitely have my favorites. All of these pencils are the regular format, except for one Prolongwear lip pencil.

lip2As a whole, I love these pencils because they have a lot of staying power. Yes, they are on the dry side, but they come in a fantastic variety of colors, and truly make my lipstick last. I also love combining these with lipsticks to achieve different shades. Lip liners are also useful to prevent color from bleeding.

I still haven’t tried any of the Cremestick liners, but Sublime Culture is the one on my list that I’ve put in my shopping cart many times, but never purchased.

MAC has 30 colors in their regular lip pencil line-up. Whirl and Soar are super popular right now (I think Kylie Jenner wore them?), but I do not have those two. Here are the ones in my stash!

Subculture: Described as “underground pink”, this is a nice neutral pink shade. This goes great with nude and pink lipsticks or glosses.

Hip ‘n’ Happy: This is a “dirty blue pink”. This pairs well with cool-toned pinks.

Magenta: Described as “vivid pinkish purple”, this is a very versatile lip pencil. I like to wear this one by itself, or as a liner for those hard-to-wear purple colors.

Oak: This is a “soft beige brown” that I like to wear with nude and peach colors.

Silly: This is a limited edition shade described as “bright pink”. It’s a great lip liner for colors like Candy Yum Yum. It is quite neutral, but slightly leans cool-toned (not nearly as cool as Hip ‘n’ Happy).

In Synch: This is a “bright yellow pink” and can be difficult to wear depending on what your skin tone is; I think that really fair people pull this off the best. This one really emphasizes dry lips. I think this shade is more peach than pink. It is a beautiful color!

Cherry: Described as “vivid bright bluish red”, this is my go-to liner while wearing red lipstick. It is also one of the creamiest pencils of the bunch.

Stone: This is my most recent acquisition, described as “muted greyish taupe brown”. Although it’s not the first color you would think of for a lip liner, I love pairing this with pink nude colors.

Lasting Sensation: This is described as “bright coral” and that is exactly what it is. I have a lot of color lipsticks and glosses, so this is well-loved by me.

Nightmoth: Probably one of the most famous MAC colors, Nightmoth is described as “blackened plum”. I have to confess that I haven’t used this one yet, despite owning it for a couple months now. I should probably get on that! 🙂

RiRi Woo: This is a Prolongwear lip pencil that was limited edition last holiday season. I’ll be sad when I use this up, as it is a great color. Described as a “cool red cream”, it is definitely one of the prettiest reds out there.

lip3Oak, RiRi Woo, In Synch, Lasting Sensation, Silly, Hip ‘n’ Happy, Cherry, Magenta, Subculture, Nightmoth, Stone

lip4Same order, different lighting

My top three colors are Oak, Subculture, and Cherry. These are the ones that I find myself using the most, but I have to give props to Silly, since I have a back-up of it! 🙂 With the MAC lip pencils, the darker colors seem to be the most creamy, while the more pale, cool-toned shades tend to be drier, at least in my experience.

Do you have any favorite shades?

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