Bite Beauty Best Bite Remix Set Review + Swatches


The Bite Beauty Best Bite Remix Set contains four mini lip pencils housed in a beautiful red tin, Altoids style. This is unfortunately currently out of stock at Sephora, and I don’t know if it’s coming back. I did see some sellers on Amazon with it, but of course at an inflated price. They released a set like this last year, and I did not purchase that one. Since then, I’ve developed quite the love for Bite Beauty, so I didn’t want to miss this set!


The tin is quite chic. It has a velvety rubber feeling and it’s bright red!

bite3The inside has a big mirror and some wrapping tissue.


And here are the pencils! There are four shades: Pomegranate, Rhubarb, Sable, and Winterberry. Winterberry is actually the shade that made me want this kit, but my favorite ended up being Rhubarb (bet you thought it would be Sable, eh? ;)).

bite5Pomegranate, Sable, Rhubarb, Winterberry

Same order, different lighting (and blurry! Eeek!)

The differences in Sable and Rhubarb aren’t really translating to the screen very well, but Sable is lighter and more peach-toned than it looks in the photos.

What I love about Bite’s lipsticks is that they are SO creamy and offer fantastic coverage, in addition to being food-grade ingredients (they are also gluten-free). If you have dry lips, you may want to check out this brand. They are quickly becoming a favorite for me!


There are no downsides to this awesome little kit! 🙂 This was $25, which is a super affordable way to try a variety of colors. I also like getting smaller sizes in lip products because you can try more colors, and they are easier to finish up when they’re minis. If you see this kit at Sephora or back on the website, I highly recommend it!

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