Edward Bess Black Sea Hair Hero Review


Edward Bess Black Sea Hair Hero ($38) is a styling cream currently a QVC exclusive (until March 2015), and that is where I purchased mine. This is supposedly a “miracle” cream that “magically boosts volume to new heights, sculpts and defines by adding texture, and even smooths and tames hair without weighing it down.”

My hair is wavy, and I’ve said it before- there are things out there for curly-haired girls and tons of products to get perfectly straight hair, but I don’t feel that the hair market has really perfected products for those with loose waves like me. I am fine with having wavy hair, but products for those with curly hair are often too heavy for me. Straightening products often make my hair look just too flat.

EB2This comes with a lot of product: 6.7 ounces. It also smells amazing; very beachy, like the sea, coconuts, and flowers. Although it is fragrant, it isn’t overpowering. I can’t smell it after I work it into my hair.

I use 1-2 pumps just like the bottle recommends, and work it through my hair. I find that this works best when I let my hair air dry, and I scrunch up my waves.

The cream itself is very soft and creamy, but when it works into the hair, it isn’t heavy. I can always tell when something is going to bog my hair down, because it looks terribly flat, and my waves don’t have any “bounce”; instead, they just look tangled, like I didn’t put a comb through my hair that morning.


I’m definitely able to achieve the “beach waves” look when I use Hair Hero, and my hair feels very soft, not crunchy or dry. It also gives my hair some nice volume.


I have used it with a blow dryer, which keeps my hair smooth, but I definitely prefer letting it air dry when I use Hair Hero.

Since we’re on the subject of my hair, the color of it is crazy right now. When I run, I obviously wear it up in a bun. I did that all summer and the result was some major sun bleaching. It used to change quite a bit like this when I was a kid and spent all day swimming too. I don’t color my hair, so that is my natural color. People used to tell me I had “dishwater hair”!

Anyway, I really like Hair Hero! Hopefully it will be more accessible come March, especially in lieu of samples. I’m not usually one to just splurge on an expensive hair product, but I was intrigued by this one. 🙂 This is a wavy hair win!

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