Sonia Kashuk Jazzed Up Nudes Lip Palette Review


I feel like I’m starting a lot of posts like this lately, but one night I was feeling EXTREMELY irritable and I went to Target to blow off some steam (again…lack of sunlight + working from home=getting to me). Anyway- the result of that was picking up this Jazzed Up Nudes lip palette from Sonia Kashuk. I don’t usually buy lip palettes (this is the only one I have), but the whole Gatsby vibe + nude lippies just did me in!


None of these colors have names, but they range from light pink, peach, and rosy. I love every single shade in this palette. The gold case is reflective and beautiful, and the mirror on the inside is pretty big. I didn’t have high hopes for the actual lipstick, despite being a big fan of the Sonia Kashuk Satin Luxe lip line. Boy, was I wrong! This palette is awesome! 🙂


I love these colors, and I was pleasantly surprised with the wear of them. They feel similar to the Satin Luxe lipsticks but a little thinner. I did find that I had to “dig in” to the pots a little bit and break through the top layer to get good color payoff, so they might seem a little sheer at first. The color builds nicely- not too pigmented, but not super sheer either.

Another thing that surprised me is how long-lasting the color is. I wore this over the course of a few hours while I was constantly drinking water, and it stayed on pretty well despite that!

SK5The second and fourth shades mixed

I like mixing different shades together when I use this palette to create even more colors. The palette also includes a lip brush. My brush had a couple of flyaway bristles, but I like that it comes to a point.


Overall, this palette was a happy little surprise in my world. I love it and have been using it constantly! This one will probably be in my monthly favorites. 🙂

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