First Aid Beauty Skincare Mini-Reviews


Since the summer, I’ve been using a few products from First Aid Beauty (FAB). Between reviews from others and samples I’ve used in the past, I ended up investing in some full-size items and have incorporated them into my daily skincare routine. Today I’m reviewing a few samples and the full-size items that I’ve been using for months now. 🙂

Face Cleanser (sample)- I really liked this sample. It is light, soft, and silky. I actually really enjoyed washing my face with this and found it to be extremely gentle.

Facial Radiance Pads (sample)– This sample was quite generous, as it contained 7 pads. They definitely made my skin feel refreshed and clean, but I don’t see them as a necessity in my skincare routine.

Eye Duty Triple Remedy Eye Cream- I’m a little conflicted on this eye cream. I like that it seems to neutralize dark circles right away, and that it feels soft and conditioning. What I don’t like is that the metal applicator that is supposed to provide a cooling effect is uncomfortable for me to use. I find that it gets stuck on my skin and pulls it, which is NOT something I need happening in the eye area. The metal applicator is basically useless to me because I find it a little painful even. I originally got a sample of this and liked it, so I purchased the full-size, but I won’t purchase this again.

5-in-1 Face Cream– I bought this because I needed a new moisturizer, and wanted to try something different than the MAC moisturizer I was using previously. For the first month or so, I loved it. Over time, I have come to like it less. It is nice and soft, but it takes awhile to absorb. I also don’t like how my skin feels if I don’t use it that day. For example, I forgot to pack it when I went out of town for a weekend, and my skin felt like the moisture had been sucked out of it, almost like it was “addicted” to the moisturizer or something. I won’t be purchasing this one again.

Ultra Repair Cream– I ended up using this as a hand cream. It was okay, but nothing that I was blown away by!

Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay– This was another rave review product I saw on YouTube. I just don’t think I need this. I didn’t find anything “deep cleansing” about it. It is thick, heavy, and difficult to use because it is so thick. I hate the way this feels on my face, and now I’m just trying to get through the rest of it. It just sits on top of my skin and I never feel clean when I’m done using it.

The plain face cleanser was my favorite of the bunch. I like the eye cream as well, but would rather it didn’t have the metal applicator. I guess when it comes to skincare, this isn’t really the brand for me! What do you think of First Aid Beauty?

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