Current Lip Obession: Sonia Kashuk Roseberry + Starlooks Roseate


This has been the fall of rose for me. I cannot stop wearing this combination…it is a love affair that has lasted for a couple months now!


Sonia Kashuk Roseberry is from the Satin Luxe lip line. I really like these lipsticks. They’re moisturizing, not too heavy, but still pigmented. I actually bought Roseberry awhile ago and found it in a purse, so it felt like I was getting a brand new lipstick!

Roseberry is a beautiful muted pink shade with a touch of berry.

lips4Roseate, Roseberry


Both of these colors are very flattering. Roseate was in my Starlooks Starbox subscription. I seriously LOVE the Starlooks lip liners. This one is really soft and goes on easily. The color is a nice neutral pink that pairs perfectly with Roseberry. Most importantly, this combination does NOT dry out my lips.

Another thing I like about these colors is that they are very flattering for all sorts of skin tones. I love wearing this lip combination with my Naked 3 palette, too!



What are your favorite rose lipsticks? I would love to hear your picks!

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4 Responses to Current Lip Obession: Sonia Kashuk Roseberry + Starlooks Roseate

  1. Meghan says:

    I’ve never tried any Sonia Kashuk lipsticks but this one looks beautiful – just my kind of shade. I may have to try it out.

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