Smashbox 24-Hour Photofinish Shadow Primer


I have a new favorite eyeshadow primer: Smashbox 24 Hour Photofinish Shadow Primer. It all started with a sample that I received (on the left). The sample was surprisingly generous, and I ended up using it for over a month before it finally ran out. I squeezed every last bit out of that tube! This was definitely enough time to figure out if I liked it or not.

This primer has the same soft silicone texture as their face primers, only it is beige-pink in color and completely opaque, not clear. It melts onto the eyelid, which I appreciate, since my eyes are pretty sensitive.


I can’t (Won’t? Don’t want to??)  test out the 24-hour claim, but I usually have my makeup up for around 12 hours, and it’s still going strong without fading. Because this primer is so smooth, it is easy to blend shadows on top of it. One of my biggest pet peeves with primers is when they result in patchy application.

I’m so glad that I had a sample of this primer, because it is on its way to HG status! I don’t experience any irritation in the eye area while wearing this primer, and I love how it performs. My favorite part is that you don’t have to tug on the eyelids to spread the product around. I can’t stand when eye primers are like that.

This product retails for $20; I bought mine from Ulta. 🙂

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1 Response to Smashbox 24-Hour Photofinish Shadow Primer

  1. Lia says:

    I think i should try it once………

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