Favorite Starlooks Starbox Products of 2014


Starlooks is easily my favorite subscription service.When thinking about writing this post, I actually had a difficult time choosing from so many of the amazing products I’ve received throughout the year. Although I debated cancelling a couple times, as a whole I think this is a wonderful, quality makeup line and as you’ll see in this post, I’m using the items I receive each month.


I actually had a hard time choosing these items; I could have easily chosen more, but I had to stop somewhere, right?? Please note- This does not include December 2014. At the time of writing this, I hadn’t received my subscription yet! 🙂

Here are my favorites from this year:

Blush Palette in 3B2– Oh, how I love this blush palette. I used this so much in the fall months and I find myself reaching for it whenever I have to travel.


Tan Glow Eyeshadow– This is a beautiful neutral color with some shimmer. It stays on all day and I love the color!

Eyeliner in Oracle– This is a gorgeous glittery eye liner…I know I’ve mentioned this several times already. 🙂


Lip liner in Roseate– I am obsessed with this!!! See here. 😉

Lip liner in Tipsy– This is such a gorgeous color. I’ll definitely be wearing this in the spring. Maybe on my trip to Disney, too!

Black Hole Gel Eyeliner– This is an amazing eyeliner. I usually use pencils, but I love this. The quality of this is just as good as Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliners.

SL21,2,3=blush palette, Oracle, Roseate, Tipsy, Tan Glow, Sun, Wyld, Black Hole, Phaser

Cream eyeshadow in Phaser– Earlier this year, I was obsessed with using this cream shadow with the Sigma Resort palette.

Longwear eyeliner pot in Wyld– I use this as a cream shadow base too, and it holds my shadows all day long.

Longwear eyeliner pot in Sun– I adore this color and don’t have anything else like it in my stash!

Starlooks is $15 a month + $2.50 shipping. If you are looking for makeup in a subscription, the quality is fantastic. Although there are some duds every so often, I have been very happy with Starlooks and find that these products have become some of my favorite makeup items to use! I’m definitely looking forward to what 2015 brings with Starlooks!

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