Eight Shades of Marsala!


I always look forward to finding out the new Sephora + Pantone color of the year. So far I have really liked all of the selections: Tangerine Tango, Emerald, Radiant Orchid, and now Marsala. Marsala is definitely my favorite pick yet! It’s a unique color, fantastic for deeper skin tones, yet still works on lighter skin shades as well. I find this type of color very flattering on my complexion, so I’m really excited about it. It is more “timeless” than the other picks so far.

In my excitement, I decided to dig through my makeup and pull out some Marsala-esque shades!


Here’s what I found (in order of swatches):

The last matte shade in the Starlooks Tokyo palette- If you received this in the April 2014 Starlooks Starbox and are looking for a Marsala eyeshadow, this is a good one!

MAC Make You Mine blush, which I reviewed previously. I love this blush!

Coastal Scents Canyon Coral Hot Pot– This is one of my newer shadows from CS. They are only $2, but it is worth waiting for a sale when they are $1.

MAC Deep Fixation eyeshadow– This is a limited edition shade, but you might be able to find it at a CCO.

marsala2Same swatches, different lighting

Revlon Rose Velvet lipstick– This is from the Super Lustrous line and it’s a gorgeous color. I’m not saying it’s a dupe for the Sephora Marsala lipstick (this is lighter), but it’s in the same color family, so if you want to save some $$, this one is about five bucks. 🙂

Lancome Juicy Tube in Bronze Cocoa– I wore this SO much in the summer. It’s a great gloss and again, in the same color family.

Stila Sunset eyeshadow– If you have the In the Light palette, Sunset is a reddish bronze shade that is on the lighter side of the Marsala spectrum.

Finally, Mary Kay Truffle eyeshadow– This is a very rich burgundy color with a satin finish.

Have you found the Marsala color in your makeup stash yet?

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2 Responses to Eight Shades of Marsala!

  1. Lia says:

    Marsala is gonna rock in 2015…………

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