ColourPop I Heart This Eyeshadow


If you watch YouTube videos, scour Instagram, or read blogs about beauty, you’ve probably seen the hype about the ColourPop eyeshadows. I’ve had some time to experiment with the ones that I purchased and have developed some thoughts on them! Today I’m reviewing the I Heart This eyeshadow, which is a taupe color with multi-colored glitter in it.


This eyeshadow has a LOT of sparkle in it. It’s difficult to capture on camera, but it’s very pretty. It brightens the eyes and this color can be worn by just about everyone. The texture is interesting; it’s bouncy and almost feels wet to the touch, but it sets to a powder finish.


My photos aren’t really doing this color much justice in the swatch. Application is best if you use your fingers. With a brush, they are too wet to blend properly, unless you use a flat brush as opposed to a fluffy one. Still, I found that using my fingers was the best method (which is what ColourPop recommends).

What I like about I Heart This is that you can use it for so many things. While it’s a great all over the lid shade, it can also be sheered out to use on the inner corner or the brow bone.

heart1I Heart This on the lid

For $5, these shadows are definitely worth trying. This shade is unique and unlike anything else I have; the photos don’t really do it justice either! I didn’t have any glitter fallout or eye irritation while wearing it, and I do wear contacts.

I really like this shade and so far, it has been the one I’ve worn the most of the ones I have purchased!

Have you tried ColourPop yet?

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