Make Up For Ever 108 Large Foundation Brush Review!


The Make Up For Ever 108 brush is a flat foundation brush with a rounded tip. Here’s the description from Sephora:

This must-have brush is used to apply and blend all kinds of foundation quickly on large areas. Its large, rounded shape and straight bristles are ideal for a high coverage, even foundation result. It can be used with liquid and cream foundations.

Like the highlighting brush, the bristles on this one are soft and silky. I love how this blends foundation into my skin. It doesn’t leave streaks (a major pet peeve) or shed, because it is so well made!


The head of the brush is wide and flat, and the bristles taper at the tip. This makes it really easy to work around the contours of the face, particularly around the eyes and nose.


This brush is $36 at Sephora, but I actually purchased mine for less than that (around $28) on Amazon. I did not experience any shedding while washing, or difficulty washing it. One of my biggest pet peeves with foundation brushes is that they are often difficult to clean (ahem..Sigma F80, the worst offender!).

The 108 brush leaves a beautiful finish when used with foundations; however, I have also found this brush useful for blending cream blushes and cream highlighters, so it is useful for more than one thing.

I haven’t seen many reviews on the MUFE brush line, but I love the quality of them. 🙂

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2 Responses to Make Up For Ever 108 Large Foundation Brush Review!

  1. jerry says:

    those are near the size of the brushes i like to paint with!

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