Coastal Scents Forever Blush Review + Swatches


When the Coastal Scents Forever Blushes were released, there was soooo much hype around them. I received two in my Ipsy bag in August, and then I purchased one when I bought the Winterberry palette. Honestly, I’m kind of wishing I didn’t buy this, because now I am hooked on the quality.


Romantic is a matte rosy mauve shade. These blushes are smooth and pigmented, and very easy to blend. Look out if you’re a blush beginner- it is VERY easy to go overboard with the Forever Blush formula.

FB1Romantic, Elegant, and Fresh

Romantic and Fresh have a matte finish, while Elegant has a satin finish. I definitely prefer the matte finish. The matte formula doesn’t leave skin looking dead or dry. I can definitely see why they call these “forever” blushes: they are long lasting on the skin (at least on me) and there’s SO much product in the pan. I don’t even want to know how long it would take to use one up!

Overall, a huge thumbs up! These are $8 from Coastal Scents, but they are always having sales, so it might be worth the wait. I will probably end up with at least one more shade since I love Romantic so much. 🙂

Have you tried these? What do you think of them?

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