Love It or Leave It: Real Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel


The Real Chemistry 3-Minute Luminous Peel is an acid-free peel that “gently sloughs away dead skin cells, evening tone and smoothing rough patches without irritating sensitive skin.” I received this in a Birchbox and a reader requested that I review it in the comments, so here are my thoughts! 🙂


Suitable for all skin types, this pH-neutral protein peel gently exfoliates delicate skin without the use of harsh acids or abrasives. The unique gel binds to dead skin cells on the face, neck, and décolleté, forming solids that can be easily washed away with water. In just three minutes you’ll reveal the luminous, younger-looking skin below. Great for reducing the appearance of acne scars, dark spots, rosacea, and blotchiness (and who doesn’t suffer from at least one of those?).


Unlike most skincare products that start working after a certain amount of time, this delivers results upon the first use. I didn’t notice any fragrance to it, and the peel itself is SO easy to use! All you do is squeeze a little bit out and massage it all over your face. It doesn’t sting at all, or really feel like anything. It simply felt like I was rubbing gel on my face without any sensation at all. I think my skin is pretty decent as is, and it appeared renewed and fresh after using this.

Now for the big question: Does it work? It absolutely works. There was no way I was taking photographic evidence of the dead skin sloughing off of my face (that’s just too crass). My skin was left very smooth, not irritated, and in the morning my skin looked even better after it had been moisturized all night. I don’t have sensitive skin, but I think this would be okay for someone who does have it. Always proceed with caution if you have sensitive skin!

The verdict: LOVE IT! I am definitely going to purchase this with some Birchbox points in the future. It has 4 stars for 13,728 reviews on the Birchbox website, so it is pretty popular. I am definitely a fan and can see this becoming a major skincare staple for me.

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