How to Depot NARS Single Eyeshadows


Yep…I did it- I depotted my NARS single eyeshadows! I didn’t want to for the longest time. I love the packaging and how chic it feels, but at the same time I felt like I wasn’t getting as much use out of them as I could be, so I bit the bullet and decided to depot them. My fear of course, was breaking them. Luckily, I had no issues overall, but I did run into one snag (which I will explain later).

I did some research and I kept finding the “floss” method for depotting, but the single shadows are too deep for that method. I decided to use the flat iron method.


Items Needed

Wax paper
Flat iron
Metal nail file with a pointed edge (check the Dollar Tree- they come in packs of 4)
Nail polish removerCotton balls or paper towel

Step 1:

Turn on flat iron; I used mine at the highest heat setting.

Step 2:

Place wax paper onto the flat iron.

Step 3: Peel off the sticker on the back of the eyeshadow and put it aside.

Step 4: Open up the eyeshadow and place it onto the flat iron. It is important to open up the shadow so you can pick it up when the bottom is hot.

Step 5: Using the blunt plastic side of the nail file, gently press the bottom of the eyeshadow. The pan should easily pop out. If it doesn’t, but it back on the flat iron to let the glue melt a little more.

Step 6: Once you get the pan out of the pot, let cool. Clean off excess glue with nail polish remover, and put the sticker on the back of the pan. Sometimes you can just skip cleaning the glue and put the sticker right over it.

Step 7: Place the eyeshadow into the Z-palette!


Noteworthy tips:

If you have any of the limited edition Cinematic eyeshadows from last winter, BE CAREFUL. They are softer and more crumbly than the regular shadows, and they break more easily. I almost broke Mississippi Mermaid! That shadow was the most difficult to depot, and the pan is NOT magnetized like the other pans are, so I had to use a magnet with it.

I used the extra-large Z-palette, not the standard size, with my shadows.


Here’s the final result (and I have two more on the way that will be in there soon!). I have to admit I was nervous about depotting these shadows, but I’m SO glad that I did because I have been using them more often now that they are all in one place.

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6 Responses to How to Depot NARS Single Eyeshadows

  1. Erin says:

    Hi Melissa, I’ve never depotted because I love the compacts too much! lol But I can see how depotting makes it so much easier to mix and try a dab here and there. Also, I’ve just got to know the name and brand of that exquisite rosy shadow very bottom, left hand corner. I’ve been looking for a shade like that for a looong time.

    • MelissaC says:

      Hi Erin! Believe me, it was not easy, since I also love the packaging! 😀 The shade on the bottom left corner is Lola Lola, one of my faves! 🙂

  2. jerry says:

    i love the sentence “i almost broke mississippi mermaid”.

  3. Kelly Roberts says:

    Thank you so much for this!!
    I too was scared to depot my single eyeshadow (only ever bought one because I found I never reached for it), because the packaging was so deep with no space around the pan.
    Managed to depot ‘New York’ with zero damage and put it in my everyday x palette so I know I’ll get use out of it now ❤️

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