January 2015 Starlooks Starbox


I am really excited about this month’s Starbox! The theme is “mirrors”, and I received items that I will definitely use (and have already used!).

The first item is a lipstick. There were two shades available: Gisele and Marsala. I received Gisele, which is a beautiful rosy pink. Definitely my kind of color!

The next item is a kohl eyeliner in the shade Chestnut. I really like this eyeliner so far. Pencil eyeliners usually make me nervous because they sometimes aren’t creamy enough to apply, but I have no problems with this one.

We also got a little bonus treat: Malibu Soapworks brush cleaner, which is a very generously sized sample.

starlooks2Gisele, Chestnut

I saved the best item for last: a blending brush! This brush is fantastic, as I’ve already been using it and am loving it so far. It has a very slight taper at the end, which makes it great for crease work.

I really liked this box and will use everything in it. It was worth it just for the brush! 🙂 I’m really happy that I decided to stick with Starlooks all of this time, because I really love their products.

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