Eye Cream Thoughts- Algenist, MAC, Mary Kay


Let’s start this one with a question: What is your favorite eye cream? I use an eye cream basically as a preventative measure. I’m not necessarily looking to improve the eye area, but to keep the skin healthy over time. I’ve tried several eye creams in the past and none of them have really blown me away. I’ve also found that my eye area is sensitive and I even had an allergic reaction to an eye cream from Origins!

Let’s start with the Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm. I had a sample of this; more than enough to get a feel for how I like it. The cream is very nice and hydrating, but it is a little thicker than I prefer. For myself, I think this would be better as a night eye cream only. If you have dry skin, you might like this one!

Next up is MAC Fast Response Eye Cream. I’ve purchased this more than once, so it is a winner in my book. I like this eye cream and find that it is effective in keeping my skin moisturized. It is gentle and doesn’t irritate my eyes or skin, and I haven’t had any allergic reactions to it, which is much appreciated. I also like the thin consistency, as it isn’t too heavy.

Finally, I have Mary Kay TimeWise Age Fighting Eye Cream. I do like this eye cream and the texture is lightweight, comparable to the MAC Fast Response Eye Cream. I did not have any reactions to it, and it is gentle.

I would purchase the MAC eye cream and Mary Kay eye cream again, although I’m not sure either of them are my “holy grail” eye creams. Maybe I’m over thinking it, but I’ve just never been blown away by an eye cream! Any recommendations? 🙂

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