NARS Spring 2015: Valhalla and Porto Venere


Once again, NARS has nailed it with their beautiful spring collection. This year’s collection is very light; definitely geared toward those with fair to light skin. Unfortunately, the multiple is still sold out (at least at the time I am writing this), but I did pick up two items from the collection: Porto Venere Eye Paint and Valhalla eyeshadow.


The last thing I need is a cream eyeshadow, but Porto Venere is such a pretty, delicate color that I gave in. Plus, the NARS eye paints have staying power like no other. If you want a cream shadow base that wears like iron, they are worth every cent. The texture is very soft and easy to apply.

Valhalla- Oh, sweet Valhalla, how crazy I went when I saw you. Described as “soft shimmering pink peach”, it has gorgeous pink shimmer running through it. This color is just gorgeous; I may experiment with it as a cheek highlighter in addition to on the eyes.


As you can see in the swatches, these are quite light. On deeper skin tones, they may look ashy or not show up well.

The quality of both Valhalla and Porto Venere is of typical NARS: fantastic! Both of these appear to be new permanent shade additions to the collection, while the lipstick and duo eyeshadow are limited edition.

I’m happy with both of these items, but Valhalla is my definitely must have. 🙂

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2 Responses to NARS Spring 2015: Valhalla and Porto Venere

  1. Erin says:

    Ooo, I love that Valhalla, too. Would like to have that, but Laura Mercier has a really gorgeous cameo pink color that I’d also love. How about I get both, since that’s an option if I just can’t decide. (Somebody give me a little encouragement here, hint hint). 😉

    • MelissaC says:

      Haha! Valhalla is seriously GORGEOUS!! I am obsessed with it! I really want that Laura Mercier Watercolor Mist palette. You can never have too many pinks…maybe you do need both. 😉

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