Organix Sea Mineral Moisture Line Review


The Organix (or OGX as it is now known) Sea Mineral Moisture line has become one of my favorite shampoo and conditioner lines. I usually rotate my shampoo and conditioners quite a bit, always trying something new. When I stopped using this, I definitely noticed a difference, so made sure to purchase it again. I also tried out the Moisture Surge hair mask.


Quench dry, damaged hair with this nutrient rich blend of hydrating sea minerals along with healing green algae to wrap split ends in repairing moisture, while supercharged sea kelp transforms dry, brittle hair into soft supple perfection.

Now, one of my favorite things about this line is the smell. It smells like the ocean, complete with salty air and seaweed. Personally, I am a huge fan of scents like this. I wish this was bottled and sold in fragrance form, I love it that much! It would buy it just for that! That said, there are a lot of reviews that state this smell disgusting, so if you don’t like sea scents or you’re sensitive to scents in your products, you may want to smell it first, or just skip it.


As far as the performance goes, this stuff works. My hair is SO soft and smooth, but not heavy, after using both the shampoo and the conditioner.

I use the Moisture Surge mask about once a week (as you can see in the photo, I used that whole tube up and have since purchased another). The mask is just as wonderful as the shampoo and conditioner, simply providing an extra jolt of moisture. This is especially important to me in these cold (it’s below zero as I type this) winter months. I do not use the mask and the conditioner at the same time though.

This set is definitely a favorite of mine from the Organix line. I’ve tried several variations from their shampoos and conditioners, and this one has been the best yet! 🙂

Do you ever use Organix? Any favorites?

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3 Responses to Organix Sea Mineral Moisture Line Review

  1. anastasiias says:

    I never tried OGX, but I’d like to. I saw where I can order for free as we don’t have this brand. Did you use other lines from oGX for hair?

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