February Wishlist!


Ah, the spring collections…they do lure me in. 🙂 I have an interesting variety of things on my radar right now, starting with this Laura Mercier Watercolour Mist palette. Isn’t it gorgeous? That said, I’m hesitating on snatching it up for a few reasons. First, it hasn’t had very good reviews. I can’t see this in person before purchasing, and it’s also $58. With poor reviews and that price point, I probably won’t take a chance on it.



MAC Turquatic hand and body cream-I love the perfume, so I definitely need the body cream, since it is one of my favorite scents! BUT I have so many other lotions that I may have to wait on this one.


The MAC Cinderella collection is coming out at a dangerous time: RIGHT AFTER I get home from Disney World, when I’ll be all high on Disney everything. The good news is I don’t want to hoard everything in the collection. I will probably get either a beauty powder or one of the pigments.


Tocca Simone perfume– Ah, this little travel spray is only $34, and the notes sound divine: “Sparkling notes of the tropical frangipani flower cut through the salt sea air, as Simone unfolds into creamy layers of watermelon, ylang ylang, and blonde woods.” Yes, please!  I totally ordered this while writing this post. 😀  What can I say? I couldn’t resist the 3X points offer for Valentine’s Day. #perfumeaddict


The BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic palette has been on my radar for awhile. Many times I have added and removed this from my shopping cart. I have seen so many great reviews for this palette, and I love space!

What beauty goodies have you been lusting after lately? 🙂


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