Whish Mini Reviews!


Hello! I’m really excited about today’s mini-reviews. I am falling hard for the brand Whish after using these products! I have three different products to share today: body oil, deodorant swipes, and body butter. Whish is now available at Ulta, which is exciting news, and also where I purchased my body oil from. The other items I’ve received as samples or in beauty box subscriptions.


After using the deodorant swipes just two times, I love them! While I can’t vouch for some of the claims, like “reduces hair growth”, they are fantastic if you have just left the gym, or in my case, finished running, and you don’t have time to shower. Now, I don’t typically go out without showering, but sometimes after a race, we might stop at the store or get lunch without going home first. These wipes are perfect for that situation. They are also rather large, so you can use them all over. They are gentle, don’t irritate my skin, and smell really good!


When I think “body butter”, I always imagine something thicker in texture, but this product is more of a “whipped” texture. It’s very lightweight and absorbs easily. The smell is very natural as well; not synthetic. This might be good for people who are really sensitive to creams. I prefer the almond scent over the lavender.


I’ve saved my personal favorite for last: the coconut body oil. They have different scents, but I opted for this one since I love coconut. As someone who uses body oil quite often, this one shot to the top of my list as a favorite. I can’t believe how soft and silky it is! I’ve actually been using this as a moisturizer, because it has been below zero here, and my skin is feeling it. The scent isn’t strong at all; it’s very natural, like the body butters.

The packaging of Whish’s products is also completely adorable. I love the colors and how streamlined everything is.

Overall, I’m very pleased with everything and can’t wait to try more products from this brand!

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