NARS Loose Powder in Eden


I recently mentioned pulling out this NARS loose powder in Eden out of my makeup stash to pay it a revisit. Typically, I’m not a fan of loose powders, but I purchased it after hearing rave reviews; plus, I just love powder and love NARS in general. My shade is Eden (medium yellow).


While the product inside is great, the packaging is pretty terrible. There is a mesh sifter on top that is supposed to keep the powder at bay (I think), but it is pretty messy.

n3Here it is without the sifter.


I use my favorite powder puff to apply this powder: the MAC Luxury Powder Puffs. I always press powder into my skin as a opposed to fluffing it on with a brush, and it makes a difference.

The finish of this powder is GORGEOUS. When I want something full coverage and flawless, I combine this with NARS Sheer Glow foundation.

N5Eden with Sheer Glow underneath

It is a very long-lasting powder and it doesn’t make my skin feel clogged or cakey. I think the key to this is controlling the application with a powder puff. The finish is a satin matte finish- not too shiny, but with a very slight sheen.

This is still for sale on Nordstrom and, but I don’t see it on the actual NARS website ($35), so I’m unsure of it is discontinued or not.  It seems like my favorite powders always get discontinued! 🙂

Overall, I love this powder and would definitely repurchase in the future if it is still available!

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1 Response to NARS Loose Powder in Eden

  1. anastasiias says:

    It looks very good on your skin. But packaging is really messy:/

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