Drugstore Haul- Mostly New Maybelline!


Hello! Spring is deadly in the world of drugstore makeup! There’s so much new stuff out, including the limited edition Rebel Blooms collection from Maybelline, which includes matte blush sticks. Maybelline always releases the best stuff as limited edition collections, so I ended up picking up a few things.

First, I grabbed a couple boxes of the Olay Wet Cleansing Cloths, since they were on clearance for $1.40. I like having these on hand for when I travel, particularly when I am staying at someone else’s house, because I don’t want to get makeup on their towels.

I also picked up two non-Maybelline nail polishes: Tupelo Honey by Sally Hansen, and East Austin from Studio M.


From the Maybelline Rebel Blooms collection, I ended up getting 5 items. I originally had two, but I went back for more! Yikes…



The first item is a Color Tattoo in Petunia Punk. I’ve been trying not to buy the Color Tattoos because they dry out so quickly, but I caved. There are more colors in this collection, but this one was my favorite.


I also picked up two of the matte blush sticks: Flushed Up and Rosy Rush. I am not sure if Flushed Up is going to work on me. It might be too light when blended, but I have to use it more to be sure.

haulFlushed Up, Rosy Rush, Petunia Punk

Finally, the last two items I picked up from the collection are nail polishes. Actually one of them is an art polish, so it has a really thin brush for nail art. That one is called Custom Coral. The other polish I picked up is called Rose Candy. I almost skipped that one, but it’s even prettier out of the store, so I’m glad I didn’t miss it!

Have you picked up anything from the drugstore lately?

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