Love It or Leave It: Wet ‘n’ Wild California Roll Palette


While popping into Walgreens one day, I found a new Wet ‘n’ Wild palette display. I have gotten rid of most of my Wet ‘n’ Wild palettes because I just don’t use them, and I can’t stand having things sitting around for no reason. The California Roll palette was one of 5 (I think) and the colors were just so pretty that I decided to take a chance on it. Plus, I love sushi. 😉


The colors are just beautiful in the pan. That peach shade in the middle of the row on the right really caught my eye!


Swatching was tricky. These swatches are multiple layers, not over primer. The shadows are dry in the pan and not very pigmented. They are definitely NOT as soft as palettes like Walking on Eggshells or the Comfort Zone palette. These are more stiff. The pale shade on the far left doesn’t look beige when I apply it on my eyes either; it had more of a white lavender cast, which I thought was really bizarre!

When I used this palette, I had trouble working with it. The shadows are stiff and don’t blend well, and they just aren’t very pigmented. Funnily enough, my favorite shade was the very dusty, glittery one, because it gave a nice touch of sparkle, which is what I expected from it.

The verdict: LEAVE IT! I am mad I wasted $4 on this palette. It’s too bad that Wet ‘n’ Wild is going downhill with the quality of their shadows. The limited edition palettes in recent years have been pretty terrible (in my humble opinion).

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2 Responses to Love It or Leave It: Wet ‘n’ Wild California Roll Palette

  1. These colours are definitely not for me! I’ll stick to my Walking on Eggshells 🙂

    • MelissaC says:

      I like bright colors, but these weren’t bright at all on the lids! 😦 Walking on Eggshells is fantastic. 🙂

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