Ardency Inn Modster Supercharged Lip Color in Kick


This review is a long time coming! I purchased this lipstick in Montreal last March, and here I am a year later getting around to showing how beautiful it is. That shopping trip was my first time hearing of Ardency Inn, and it seems like the brand has grown more in popularity throughout the last year or so. Kick is described as “vivid orange with yellow undertones”.


The finish of this lipstick is a satin matte. Although it claims to be super long wearing in its name, I do need to touch up after eating and drinking. This doesn’t bother me because I don’t really care for long-wearing lip products.


The color is REALLY bright and vibrant. It’s not something to wear if you want to go unnoticed, that’s for sure! This is more red-toned than a straight classic orange.


That said, you can see how orange it is compared to MAC’s Mangrove lipstick, which has red and pink tones to it.


Kick does glide onto the lips and I don’t find that it travels outside of my lip lines. Just in case though, I do like to wear this with a clear lip liner as a base.

These lipsticks retail for $25, so they are on the expensive side. If this isn’t a shade you will wear often, it’s worth checking into the Wet ‘n’ Wild Matte lipstick line, which has some brighter colors like Kick (maybe 24 Carrot Gold? I don’t have that color to compare).

I love this color and would consider checking out more shades from Ardency Inn!

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2 Responses to Ardency Inn Modster Supercharged Lip Color in Kick

  1. Beth says:

    Beautiful color on you;)
    Your skin looks so dewy and lovely in this picture, what products did you use?
    Thanks and good day 😃

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