NYX Prismatic Eyeshadow in Fireball


Fireball- Isn’t that a great name for an eyeshadow?? This is one of the new Prismatic Eyeshadows from NYX. I purchased one at Ulta and now I totally want to get a few more shades. These are metallic finish shadows and really pigmented.


Fireball is described as “rusty orange with red opalescence.” I think it is a little more red than orange, at least how it looks in the pan. On the skin, it looks more orange.


This is just ONE swatch. It is so pigmented! It is also very smooth. When working with a brush, it does come off a little flaky.


I wore a primer with Fireball and found that it lasted throughout the day with a primer. For $6 a piece, the quality on these is really great! I definitely want to get more shades. Fireball did not irritate my eyes at all, and there was no fallout either.

I did read on the NYX website in a review that you cannot depot these into a Z-palette, because there is no metal pan. That is something to make note of it you want to do that.

Overall, these were a hit to me and I will likely get another shade or two! 🙂

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