Rodan + Fields Redefine Acute Care Skincare System Review

RD*Sent for review

Over the years I have been refining my skincare routine for what fits best for me. I’ve never had bad skin and am comfortable not wearing makeup. My skin is mostly normal, but varies depending on the time of the year due to the extreme weather here in Michigan! I am happy with my skin, but I am turning 34 next month so I am in that “anti-aging” range of skincare.

My cousins are huge Rodan + Fields fans and they even sell their products, so when the opportunity presented itself to try some of the line, I decided to give it a whirl to see what the fuss was about. The Redefine Acute Care system was provided to me for review from iFabbo (not an affiliate link).


The set came with a face wash mask, toner, day cream, and night cream. It also came with some Acute Care strips that work like “band-aids” and are wrinkle fillers. Here are my thoughts on each product.

Redefine Cleansing Mask– This is a daily face wash mask that you leave on your skin for two minutes, then rinse. I love face masks; however, I found this mask very harsh, especially so for daily use. When I used it, I felt like my skin was burning. No way would I use this daily- Even a few times a week was just too much for me. I found this face cleansing mask drying as well.

Redefine Toner– The toner was my favorite of all of the products, only because it was the only item that I didn’t feel was too harsh on my face. I still prefer witch hazel toner over this.

Redefine Triple Defense Day Cream– I did like that this has SPF; however, this day cream is too thick and heavy for me. I’m not sure if I had a reaction from this or the night cream, but one of the two items was making my skin break out with little bumps.

Redefine Overnight Restorative Cream– Like the day cream, this was way too heavy for me. I like my skin to feel light and fresh when I go to bed, and this cream was thick and greasy.

The Acute Care Strips are not something I would care to wear to bed often- I also found these quite harsh.

After hearing so many crazy rave reviews, I was surprised at how poorly my skin reacted to Rodan + Fields. It was just way too much and I felt like I was damaging my face, especially with the face wash mask.

I don’t have particularly sensitive skin, but I do use a lot of natural skin products (tea tree oil cleanser, witch hazel toner), so I’m not surprised by the reaction.

Everyone has different skincare needs, so everyone’s results will be different. Some may enjoy having a streamlined routine like this without having to deviate or try anything new. If you have been struggling with your skin for ages, something like this might work; I personally just found it too harsh!

*Sent for review. All opinions are my own.

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