Vintage Train Case + Life Updates

Hello!!! It has been a hot minute since I’ve written a blog post (okay, 10 days). This winter and spring has been somewhat of a “tumbling routine” in my life. I can’t complain as it has been mostly good with some rough patches along the way! My husband and I were in Montreal from last Tuesday until Easter Sunday. We had an amazing trip, but upon our return I came down with a sinus infection. Just yesterday I went to the walk-in clinic and after some antibiotics + 10 hours of sleep, I feel a little more human. It isn’t like me at all to go in to the doctor with a cold, but I was feeling that bad. Plus, I have a half marathon to run on the 19th, and I was afraid it wouldn’t be gone by then.

Another unfortunate happening that does impact my blogging life is that I had a horrible allergic reaction to a BB cream that left my skin a disaster for a week. Between the cold, the vacation, and the allergic reaction, I haven’t been wearing much makeup. *Sad!*

Anyway, hopefully things will settle down a little now and life can get back to sort of normal. I have sooooo many things to catch up on with this little space on the internet! So that is where I have been!

Now for something more fun–I finally was able to use my vintage train case on our trip to Montreal. I purchased this from an antique store last year and it took some muscle to get that musty smell out of it. This was my first time taking it on a trip!


This photo isn’t doing it much justice, but it’s a beautiful pale blue color. This is just one part of what was a larger set of luggage (my mother informed me that her older sister had the entire set back in the day). The case is really hard and sturdy, and it is super spacious.


Nope…I haven’t unpacked yet..but you can see how spacious it is. I was able to fit everything in it that I needed, including my gigantic bottle of contact solution, my glasses case, my hairbrush, and a full bottle of perfume.

The mirror inside of it is great- very clear and it’s BIG! I like it because if I can’t see something, it’s easy to get close to it.

Thanks for reading and listening to me ramble! 🙂

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  1. Fabulous! I would love to have a vintage train case.

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