Sephora Collection Music Festival Kit!


The Sephora Collection Music Festival Collection Kit is currently available on for $15. I purchased this mostly for the blushes. For $15, this kit is an incredible steal with everything that you get in it. I wish I would have seen this during the VIB sale, but alas, I did not! 🙂 Here’s what the kit comes with:

Glossy Gloss in Marquisette
Jumbo 24-Hour Liner in Peacock Blue Shimmer
Colorful Blush in Orange Pop (matte)
Colorful Blush in Fuchsia Flash (matte)Ombre Bobby Pins in Green


Both of the blushes say “not for individual sale” on the back of them. I did not see them elsewhere on the Sephora website, so I’m guessing these shades are exclusive to the kit. Note that they may be a little washed out due to the sunlight, but you’ll see swatches in a minute! 🙂

The Sephora Colorful Blush line retails for $15 per blush, so the value of this kit is really great, and in my opinion, worth it for the blush alone. Orange Pop is my favorite!

SF3Orange Pop, Fuchsia Flash, Peacock Blue, Marquisette

I haven’t used the eye pencil yet, but the lip gloss is really pretty to wear over other shades, or alone. The blushes are very smooth and pigmented. I am addicted to Orange Pop and this entire kit is worth it just for that if you are a fan of peach/orange blush colors.

I also really like the bobby pins. The color is pretty and I can get use out of these for when I put my hair up for running.

Overall, I love this little kit and am happily surprised by it!

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