Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes Review

pacifica*Sent by Pacifica

If you’re a runner or someone who is active, you might enjoy today’s review! Pacifica sent these Underarm Deodorant Wipes to me and when I saw them in the box, I could not wait to use them. Before getting into that, here are a few tidbits about these wipes:

  • These are Ulta exclusives
  • One pack is $9
  • Contains 30 wipes
  • Cruelty-free, vegan, and uses recyclable materials
  • They do not include mineral oil, parabens, petroleum, SLS, gluten, and other harmful ingredients

Why I love these wipes:

As a runner, I go to a lot of races. Sometimes I travel to these races, whether it be an hour or two, or even just 45 minutes. In some instances, I have something to do after or need to run an errand, and I don’t want to be completely sweaty and grubby while doing these activities.

In the past I have used baby wipes to clean up and wipe off sweat, but often times I find them too wet and I just don’t want to smell like baby wipes. Even the ones for sensitive skin that aren’t scented still have a distinct baby wipe smell.

Enter the Pacifica wipes! These smell like coconut and they are just moist enough to get me clean and refreshed after a race. In mid-April I ran a half marathon while my husband was attending a first communion. The race and the communion were a good 3 hours from our home, so I had a long day ahead of me between finishing the race, waiting for him, and driving home. I brought the Pacifica wipes along and used them not just under my arms, but also on my arms and legs, so I felt a little cleaner since I couldn’t take a shower right after the race.

Did I mention how GOOD they smell? These smell like coconut and the scent is not cloying or synthetic at all. Plus, they don’t irritate my skin and are very gentle.

If you live an active lifestyle and are looking for something like this for the gym or after a race like me, you might like these wipes!

*Sent for consideration from Pacifica. All opinions are my own.

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