Clinique Haul!


When I was in college, I was an avid user of Clinique skincare. Recently I decided to delve back into the brand and purchase a few things from their website, mostly because I am looking for a good moisturizer with sunscreen, or a sunscreen that isn’t super greasy. I ended up shopping on Clinique’s website because they had an awesome gift bag full of goodies that was a freebie with a $27+ purchase. Here’s what I picked up:

Mild Facial Soap– I’ve used this in the past, and I like it because it is gentle and lasts for a really long time. I keep mine in the shower and use it in the mornings, or after a workout.

City Block Sheer Sunscreen SPF 25– This is a tinted sunscreen that is really soft and absorbs into the skin effectively. I am not completely sold on it yet, but I have only used it a few times. It has been really hot outside, so I’m not sure if I’m oilier from the weather or the sunscreen, even though it doesn’t have oil in it.

Sparkle Skin Body Polish– Instant love. I am not going to say too much about it because I want to review it, but I think it is fantastic!


Turaround Mini Set– This is actually from Sephora as a VIB perk. I believe this is a fairly new line in the Clinique brand. I haven’t tried this yet, but would love to hear if you have!


The freebie bag was packed full of deluxe samples:

  • Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
  • 7 Day Scrub Cream
  • Repairwear Laser Focus
  • Repairwear Night Cream
  • Lash Doubling Mascara
  • Palette with Cupid blush, Smoke and Mirrors eyeshadow, and Wave After Wave shadow
  • Lipstick in Pink Bamboo


The lipstick is actually quite sheer and a nice pink brown shade, right up my alley!

Although I was looking for skincare on this shopping trip, I still have yet to try the Cheek Pop blushes. I also want to try the new lipsticks that they just came out with.

Do you have any Clinique favorites or must haves?

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4 Responses to Clinique Haul!

  1. drusiph says:

    i love clinique’s anti-redness, but i stopped using it when they added the 4th step. it was too much like makeup. when it was a 3-step process, i didn’t mind, but now that there’s a powder as the final step, i stopped. i know that may sound lame, but i’m not ready to start wearing makeup. HAHAHA

    • MelissaC says:

      I remember when you used that! I also know what powder you are talking about. I considered purchasing it at one time but didn’t want to get the rest of the stuff!

  2. anastasiias says:

    I tried only Blended loose powder from Clinique and I like it a lot. I bought a lipstick as a present and I think that person liked it:D I feel like I can easily buy more expensive products for a present but not for myself:)

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