May Wishlist!

wish5I love that the summer collections are rolling out. Unfortunately, that means there are so many things that I have my eye on, starting with the Clean Summer Layering Trio. This is $39 and limited edition at Sephora. I love anything that smells summery and like the beach, so this is right up my alley!


Charlotte Tilbury is a brand that I really want to try more of since I love the lip liner that I have. The Dolce Vita eye palette is one of those items on my list. These rich colors are just beautiful!


Ah, the Hourglass Bronzers…so beautiful and so expensive. At $50 a pop, I’ll probably wait and see if they do a palette like they did for the blush and powders.


Another Charlotte Tilbury item- the Eyes to Mesmerize cream eyeshadows. These are so gorgeous! I’ve seen a few reviews here and there, but I haven’t purchased any yet. The swatches are beautiful and the reviewers are trusted, so we shall see! 🙂


That awful decision when you know a scent doesn’t last very long, but you want it anyway, even though it’s expensive. That’s my dilemma with Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt. I will probably end up getting this eventually, but for now I’ll enjoy the last sample that I have.

What’s on your wish list this month?

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2 Responses to May Wishlist!

  1. drusiph says:

    i usually use a different scent each season, but this year i’ve completely forgot about spring. i’ve been using my winter all spring, and i’m already bummed because now i’ll run out of it this coming winter! AHHAHAHAHAHA

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