Cover Girl The Super Sizer Mascara and Intensify Me! Eyeliner

CG1*press sample

CoverGirl has a bunch of new products in the drugstore right now, from primer to foundation to this new eyeliner and mascara. Both are from the “lashblast” line. I like CoverGirl mascaras, and The Super Sizer has a uniquely shaped wand that is designed to be used as a “lash styler”. Before we get into the mascara, let’s talk about the eye liner.


The eyeliner is a felt tip liquid liner that can be used to make a thin or thick line.


I don’t usually wear liquid liner, because my eye lids are just too crepe-y for it. I did give this a try though, and developed a few thoughts on it!

CG4Wide side, thin side

First, it is one of the blackest eyeliners I have ever used. In the photo above, you can see it has a satin finish. It might not look so black there, but that is in full sun. Another thing to note is the staying power. Those swatches stayed on my arms for three days! I removed it with makeup remover after swatching, but that’s how long I could see lines. I didn’t have it stain my eye lids or anything, but this eyeliner has some serious staying power.

I found the liner easy to apply, but I did not personally find much use in the wide side of the liner. Eyeliner junkies may want to check this one out.


I really liked the mascara! The tube is adorable and I like the formula of the mascara. Interestingly, every review I see of this mascara talks about how wet the formula is. It is not as wet as Maybelline The Rocket (what I usually use).  I didn’t find it too wet at all. It was just right for me!


The brush is really unique. It starts out wide and tapers near the wand handle. It has both long and short bristles.


The idea behind this brush is to “roll” it while applying mascara to get fuller, more dramatic lashes.


The brush separates lashes, and it also deposits a lot of product at once. When I double-dipped and applied two layers, it was not a pretty sight; I found it clumpy at that point, and it made my lashes stick together. One coat is enough! This might depend on what type of eyelashes you have as well. My lashes are fairly thick on their own, and I rarely use more than one coat of mascara.

What I liked about this mascara:

  • The brush
  • Not too wet, not too dry
  • Only need one coat
  • Very black
  • Separates
  • Easy to reach the lashes near the lash line
  • No smudging
  • No flakes
  • Doesn’t transfer

My favorite part of this mascara is definitely the brush! I love how easy it is to reach the lashes that are the most difficult to get with your standard brush.

Is it just me, or are there A LOT of new mascaras coming out right now? Have you tried this one? 🙂

*Sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.

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