Favorite Products for Blemishes


Hello! Today’s post is going to be about my favorite products for blemishes. I have been pretty lucky in the skin department throughout the years. As a young adolescent I didn’t suffer from acne, but had normal blemishes and mild breakouts here and there. On occasion I have had breakouts due to being allergic to something. Other than that, I don’t get blemishes very often, and besides allergies, I never have breakouts. Another thing that I’ve had blemishes from are if I have to take prescription medications (which is rare).

There are a few products that I routinely use in order to combat blemishes. First is the Desert Essence Tea Tree Blemish Stick. This is a rollerball made with a tea tree oil blend. It’s strong, but it doesn’t bother my skin or make it dry. It usually clears up a blemish within a day or two. I use it before I go to bed if needed.

Another product I really like is the Clinique Acne Solutions Clarifying Lotion, which I use all over my face as needed. I love this stuff. It smells so fresh and clean, and it makes my skin feel clean, but not dry. I use this right before my moisturizer.

One more item that I have reviewed before, but don’t have in the photo is the Desert Essence Tea Tree facial wash. I love this stuff and definitely notice when I don’t use it. I also like the Desert Essence Tea Tree Cleansing Pads, which I usually use at night.

My skin is fairly normal depending on the season. In the winter it is more dry, while in the summer it is a little more oily, which is not unusual for someone who lives in a climate that can really go to extremes!

If your skin is like mine, you might enjoy some of these products! 🙂

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