Influenster Blossom Vox Box!


Influenster is a program where you can sign up, received a themed box, and share your thoughts on social media. This is free for anyone to sign up with. Every once in awhile, I get sent a box, and the most recent one was the Blossom Vox Box. Of course I was the most excited about the beauty goodies in this one!

The snacks included here are two bags of Beanitos chips (made from beans!), Bear Naked granola, and some tofu noodles. I haven’t used the noodles yet, but the other snacks were handy in my running bag!


The beauty goodies included Clairol Hair Food cleansing shampoo, Australian Gold sunscreen, an NYC City Proof eyeshadow stick, and Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs tanner.

Surprise hit: The shampoo! I LOVE THIS SHAMPOO. I never would have tried this, and I am absolutely going to buy another bottle, because mine is almost gone now. It smells so good and it leaves my hair feeling incredibly clean! Influenster included a coupon with this, so I am definitely going to use it!

The Sally Hansen tanner lotion is something I already have used before and love. I like this for evenings out or occasions when I just want a little color on my legs.

The sunscreen is a welcome addition to my running bag. I always put sunscreen on before heading out for a run.


The NYC pencil…where do I start? To be honest, I was afraid to put this on my eyes because it smelled like it had gone bad already. I loved the color, but I didn’t want to have some weird reaction.

So that’s everything in the Blossom Vox Box! I might actually write a review of the shampoo on its own, because I just love it that much. 🙂

You can sign up for Influenster with this link (click here – not an affiliate link!).

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