ColourPop Where the Light Is Collection Swatches & Review


Well, I caved and ended up buying the Where the Light Is set from ColourPop! I just couldn’t resist the allure of more pretty neutrals! This set comes with 4 colors, and is curated by YouTube beauty guru KathleenLights.


The shades include:

Glow: Vanilla matte
Cornelious- Medium caramel matte
KathleenLights- Bright copper metallic
Blaze- Bronze with glitter; metallic

KL3Kathleen Lights





Now, I just recently posted swatches of the Mondays in Malibu set, and if I had to choose between the two, I would pick that one. That’s not to say I don’t like this shadow set, but I think the other one is just a little bit better and suited to my personal style for a few reasons.

KathleenLights is very orange. I think it would be difficult for an extremely fair person to wear this shade, but I could be wrong. It is borderline too warm for me, at least in my opinion! Maybe I just need to experiment more? It is a beautiful color, though, and medium to dark skinned peeps will rock this shade. I have worn it a couple times and think it looks best paired with a very dark brown matte shadow (at least on my skin tone).

Blaze is right up my alley. I love a good bronze and the sparkle is beautiful.

Glow is a surprise hit. This is a very light color, and “Glow” is the perfect way to describe it. I truly was not expecting this one. It is a little tricky to blend, but really makes the brow bone pop!

Cornelious is your average, handy-dandy transition/crease shade.

KL8KathleenLights, Blaze, Cornelious, Glow

Overall, this is a nice set, especially if you love neutrals! The formula is the same as other eyeshadows in the brand- they have that not quite cream, not quite powder hybrid formula happening, which makes them super easy to blend. I actually prefer blending these with my fingers, especially the matte shades.

Have you checked out this set yet? What are your Colourpop favorites?

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