Disney Makeup Haul + Mini Reviews!

D1*Purchased by me

OH Disney. I have always been a lover of Disney, but when I went to Disney World in February, my love only grew! There have been some pretty exciting Disney things released at Walgreens this spring, and I decided to pick up a few items. These are from ELF and the Dare to Dream Disney collection, both available only at Walgreens.


I tend to steer clear of these types of releases due to poor quality, but I am actually pretty impressed with everything I picked up. First up is the Pocahontas beauty book. It has 9 eyeshadows, a blush, bronzer, lip gloss, and eyeliner. The shadows are of good quality and wear well; they’re also more pigmented than I expected! The same can be said of the blush and bronzer. The eyeliner is way too hard for me, but I don’t really care about that.

I also picked up a highlighting stick (also from Pocahontas) in ‘Great Spirit’. This is BEAUTIFUL! I love it and it wears so well. I was super surprised by this one, plus it was only $3. There are 2 more shades as well.


Next up are a few goodies from the ELF Belle collection. Belle is my favorite princess, so I definitely had to get a couple of goodies! I really wanted the smudge pots, but the Elsa smudge pot was terrible, so I wasn’t sure about these. When I finally saw swatches, I was happy with how they looked, so I got both of them: one in Belle, and one in Beast. These are $5 as opposed to $3 like the regular smudge pots.

I also got the Belle eyeshadow palette. I haven’t worn this yet, but they swatch well and seem pretty soft.

D5Willow, Wingapo, Warrior, Heroine, Beast, Belle, Always Be With You lip gloss

D4Same order, but with Great Spirit at the start

Overall, I’m very pleased with everything! The lip gloss is kind of a weird color for the overall vibe of the Pocahontas set. It’s very light pink; a nude or muted rose would probably be better.

The first time I applied the eyeshadow in the Pocahontas palette, I assumed it wouldn’t be pigmented and put on wayyyyy too much! Lesson learned there.

Have you tried any of these drugstore Disney goodies?

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