ColourPop Blush Swatches + Review!

CP1*Purchased by me

Having tried several items from ColourPop this year, I can say with absolution that my favorite product from the brand are the blushes. This is a welcome surprise to me, because there aren’t many blushes that are this great and this affordable at the same time.

cp4I have five shades: Quarters (satin), Between the Sheets (matte), Fruit Stand (matte), Cheerio (satin), and Pegacorn. The newest ones I’ve acquired are Cheerio and Pegacorn (satin- and honestly, I just liked the name Pegacorn!).

cp3CP2Between the Sheets, Quarters, Fruit Stand, Cheerio, Pegacorn

These are not quite cream blushes, but they do have a bouncy gel type texture and dry with a powder finish. I love how easy these are to blend, and you don’t have to work to get the pigment to show up, which is always appreciated.

cp5Fruit Stand is INCREDIBLY bright. This one is staining, just as a warning, but the color is so beautiful and vibrant! It’s a neon red coral, and it’s so great for summer. I’ve taken to wearing this with just mascara and lip gloss and calling it a day.

My favorite shade is Quarters, which is a burnt peach shade.

I would like to try some of the lighter colors, like Holiday (matte, peachy pink) and Rain (lilac).

These blushes are definitely worth a try, and in my humble opinion, ColourPop’s best product (even over the eyeshadows!).

Do you have any blushes from ColourPop? Which ones are your favorite?

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1 Response to ColourPop Blush Swatches + Review!

  1. dudettestalk says:

    I need these in my life ❤

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