CoverGirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous & LA Girl Pro Concealers

concealer*Purchased by me

I recently found myself out of concealer, and rather than get my drugstore favorite (NYX HD) since it was out of stock forever, I picked up a newish one from CoverGirl, followed by another drugstore one that has been raved about: LA Girl Pro Concealer.


I have the CoverGirl concealer in shade 210 Light Medium, and it’s too light for me at the moment. This concealer is very thin and has light coverage that can be built up to medium. If you need serious concealing, this isn’t the concealer for you. It does do a good job concealing mild redness. I like that this concealer isn’t heavy or thick. I don’t highlight with concealer, but this would probably do the job.

The LA Girl concealer is a lot thicker and full coverage. I bought this online so I really took a chance with the color. I ended up with the shade Nude, which is a peach color. This is a great match for my face right now. There are some days where I just wear this as needed, and fluff a little MAC MSF Natural on top.

Both of these concealers are nice, though I probably wouldn’t repurchase the CoverGirl one again since it’s so thin. It’s really easy to just blend away, so you need to be careful in that regard. I’m not sure yet if I would repurchase the LA Girl concealer. I might if the NYX HD concealer didn’t exist anymore, but neither of these top that one in my mind. 🙂

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