Sephora Sunbleached Filter Palette Swatches & Review!

S1*Purchased by me

As soon as I saw the Sephora Sunblached Filter eyeshadow palette ($32), it was burning a hole in my memory. This palette is very soft, and I usually prefer a more bold eye look, so it’s not my usual fare.


The packaging is beautiful; the compact is just like the box. It has a very large mirror inside and is described as “soft and sun inspired“. This palette contains 10 eyeshadows, two of which are larger in size. There is another palette in this collection that is cooler toned, called the Overcast palette.


There are so many things I love about these colors! First, just the names alone. Sandy Toes? Walking in the Sand? Latergram? Too cute!! I also like how soft these are, and there are several peach toned colors, which is a major win in my book. So far, I have worn Sandy Toes, Walking in the Sand, Selfie, and Desert Rose the most.




The shadows are just pigmented enough and easy to blend; they are also quite smooth. I also didn’t experience any fallout while applying!

This palette is great for those who:

  • Want a soft, natural look
  • Love neutrals
  • Want shadow that is easy to apply
  • Aren’t very skilled in applying eyeshadow

One thing I really appreciate about this palette is that it’s difficult to screw up the application. It’s very easy to just apply and go, not have to blend for ages, and still look nice.

A notable thing that might be a problem for some, is that I’m not sure how this would fare on deeper skin tones. I can see these colors looking chalky. This palette is likely more suitable for fair skin.

Overall, I really like this palette!


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3 Responses to Sephora Sunbleached Filter Palette Swatches & Review!

  1. drusiph says:

    you’ve been writing this blog three years as of this month! that’s great!

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