Mary Kay Eye Color Palettes in City Sophisticate and Metro Modern

MK2*Purchased by me

As per usual, I’ve been completely addicted to eyeshadow, and these two palettes from Mary Kay have impressed me! Each palette has four colors with a mix of matte and shimmer shades.


City Sophisticate is the one I’ve used the most so far. It has warmer tones and is very pigmented. The greenish-gold shade on the bottom is my favorite shade in the palette, but I also like the matte berry color. I wore this three days in a row, which is something I don’t typically do since I’m always switching things up.

MK4Metro Modern is cooler toned. I was unsure about getting this one at first, but since I have been on a deep smoky eye look (so not like me), this one has been more fun than expected! The shade on the top right is my favorite in this quad, as it’s a rosy bronze color.

MK1Each palette has very pigmented shades. The metallic shades (the two right in the middle in the swatch photo) are the most pigmented in each of the palettes. The center shade in each palette seems to be more of a highlight color, as they are both the least pigmented in each quad.

MK5Same swatches, different lighting!

Overall, I love these, especially City Sophisticate. I can’t wait to play with the shades more, especially as we roll into the fall months.

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