Disney Villains Beauty Haul, Swatches, and Eye Look!


I caught the Disney Villains collection at Walgreens and definitely had to pick up a few items. 🙂 I was disappointed to not find the Evil Queen Beauty Book, but did see Ursula and Maleficent. I picked up three items: The Ursula Beauty Book, Jealous Blush, and Ursula’s Leviathan shimmer powder. Naturally, I rushed home and did a look with the eyeshadow right away!

disneyvillains2The Evil Queen Jealous Blush is very pretty! It reminds me of NARS Orgasm in that it is pink with gold. NARS is more finely milled, but this is very pigmented and applies nicely.

disneyvillains7The Ursula Beauty Book contains 9 eyeshadows, two blushes, an eyeliner, a lip gloss, and a kabuki brush. I purchased it mainly for the eyeshadow. The eyeliner is actually not bad. I ended up using it in the inner corner of my eyes because it is a sparkling silver color. The lip gloss is nothing to write home about. It provides a touch of color and shine, but it isn’t very pigmented. To my surprise, the kabuki brush is actually very soft and works well; plus, it has a cute shell detail on it. There is also a nice big mirror inside of the box.

I haven’t done much with the Leviathan powder, but I did try it out on my hand and it gets sparkles everywhere, so be careful with that one. It’s very finely milled but messy. I am not sure where or when I will use this, but it is pretty and I love the Ursula packaging.

disneyvillains3Not the best swatches, I know, but I have to swatch with my left hand, and take a photo with my left hand, so it’s a little awkward. I have some kind of allergic reaction happening on my swatch arm (ugh), so I didn’t want to have that in the way (just little bumps). Anyway, swatched above are the eyeliner, Ursula blushes, Jealous blush, and all of the eyeshadows in the Ursula palette. Everything is very pigmented. The texture is not bad. It’s not as soft as high end shadows, but it isn’t chalky, either.

disneyvillains5This is my first look with the Ursula palette. I used Dark Waters all over the lid, Nautical Shell in the crease, and Trident on the brow bone and inner corner. I also added a little bit of the eyeliner to the inner corners as well.

disneyvillains6I am also wearing the Jealous blush and the lip gloss from the Ursula palette.

So far I have been pretty impressed with the Disney Beauty Books! Plus, if you love Disney they are just plain fun to collect!

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2 Responses to Disney Villains Beauty Haul, Swatches, and Eye Look!

  1. Nicole says:

    The love blue eyeshadow look! so vibrant and pretty xx

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