Femme Couture Eternal Color in Pyrite

pyrite2One day I had a particularly long and stressful day at work. I popped into Sally’s for a little pick-me-up and left with this Femme Couture eyeshadow in the color Pyrite. I’ve never owned anything from the FC brand before, despite having seen it many times at Sally’s. The color just appealed to me, and it was the only one left, so I decided to get it ($7).

pyrite3This color has been a happy discovery! Though it looks more like a rosy brown on the computer monitor, in person it is cooler and one of those “seems like a purple/mushroom/taupe” shades that is difficult to describe. It’s kind of like when you have a black and blue bruise fading into red–that does NOT make this sound pretty, but I swear, it is! 🙂

pyrite4The formula is very nice. It is a lot more pigmented when it’s wet, just like other pressed pigments. These are basically the same as the L’Oreal Infallible shadows, right down to having the same kind of packaging.

pyriteI really like pairing Pyrite with the Urban Decay Smoky palette! This shadow stayed all day with a primer and I didn’t experience any fallout. I wore this for nearly a week straight, that is how much I am in love with it. It also pairs with the L’Oreal Nude 2 palette, which was also in my September favorites along with Pyrite! 🙂

I would purchase other shadows in this range and would definitely buy this one again. For $7 I was happily surprised!


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