Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in Cola Pop

deltaA few months ago, I finally picked up my first Clinique Cheek Pop blush in the shade Cola Pop. This shade is unique to other blushes I have, and I thought it would be perfect for fall. It does look like cola–like cherry pop.

colaAesthetically, these blushes are adorable. I love the flower design! The price point is fair as well given the brand– $22 each. Not drugstore, but not a huge investment either.

Since purchasing Cola Pop, I purchased another shade in Nude Pop. There are differences in the formula between the two shades. Cola Pop is slightly stiffer and takes a little more muscle to blend. Nude Pop is smoother than Cola Pop. My guess is this is simply a color thing, not necessarily a comment on the entire line. That said, Cola Pop isn’t a bad formula, simply trickier to apply. One reason for that is because it is SO pigmented. All I need to do is tap my brush into the pan, and I have more than enough product picked up.

cola2The finish is a satin finish, and the blush is unscented.

Overall, I think this is a beautiful color for fall. For fairer skin tones, definitely watch out for applying too much! That said, I do think this would look great on most skin colors. 🙂


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