Chanel Illusion D’Ombre in Epatant + DUPE?

LW1From my Choix subscription, I was very excited to try the Chanel Illusion D’Ombre shadow in Epatant. Many times I’ve debated purchasing this, but every time backed down (it is $36). Still, the color is very enchanting, and it remained on my radar for quite some time.

Epatant is taupe with a green sheen. It is very shimmery, and the texture has a cushion-y gel feel. As a result, it is extremely easy to apply.


Sorry for the poor lighting in these photos. The sun isn’t out often at this time of year, and it is very dark during the day thanks to the weird thunderstorms we have been having! Anyway, I used Epatant over a matte green shadow from the Viseart Dark Matte palette. True to its claims, it is very long lasting! It looked the same at night as it did in the morning when I applied it, after 12 hours of wear.

LW2To my excitement, I was pretty positive that I had a dupe of Epatant already: Lise Watier Ombre Souffle Supreme shadow in Vert Enchante. The texture is the same, and the color is almost exactly the same. I bought Vert Enchante when I was in Montreal, and paid $25 for it (at the moment that’s about $18 USD), so the price difference is considerable.


Vert Enchante, Epatant

As you can see, they are quite similar. Vert Enchante is a smidgen darker. On the eyes, this is a literally invisible difference. I used Epatant one day and Vert Enchante the next in the same manner, and they were the same.

LW5Vert Enchante, Epatant -Wish flash

Vert Enchante lasted just as long on the lids as Epatant did, so the wear was the same.

Lise Watier is available online as well; I know that not everyone has easy access to Canadian shops! I just happen to travel there quite often. 🙂

Would I purchase Epatant? If Vert Enchante wasn’t available, YES! It is gorgeous! I’m hooked on what it does to my eyes.  🙂

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