L’Oreal Color Riche Monos Eyeshadow in Green Promenade

loreal*Purchased by me

The new year always means NEW makeup, especially in the drugstore! I was really excited to find these new L’Oreal shadows at Walgreens on New Year’s Eve as the clock ticked toward the eyeshadow ban I stupidly agreed to with my friend. 😉 I’m not one to get excited about drugstore shadow, but since I love the L’Oreal Infallible shades so much, I picked up two of the Monos shadows: Green Promenade and Pain Au Chocolat. Today, I’m sharing my thoughts on Green Promenade!


L’Oreal’s Colour Riche Monos Eye Shadows are celebrating color and its everyday expression! This collection of colors was reinvented with new technology and an easy application gesture inspired by makeup artists. These shadows include essential matte and shimmer colors for the everyday woman to build her makeup wardrobe.


L’Oreal goes on to say that these are “infused with gel technology” and have a “soft, velvety texture for an ultra smooth glide.” I wouldn’t call them velvety; however, they do apply smoothly. In the pan they have some texture to them and look a little chunky, but I didn’t experience tons of fallout during application, at least no more than with other eyeshadows.

loreal3Swatched; no primer

Green Promenade is an interesting shade. It’s a deep murky bluish green with a splash of teal. I absolutely adore these kinds of shades, so this was the first one I really gravitated toward. I swatched it in the car before I even left the Walgreens parking lot. If that doesn’t tell you how much I love eyeshadow… 😉

loreal4On the lid!

Speaking of that swatch–I can’t believe how long it stayed put on my hand. I actually had trouble removing remnants of it until late in the day when I finally just used some eye makeup remover. This shadow is VERY long wearing!

loreal5I used this over primer and did not experience any fading throughout the day. It was just as vibrant when I removed it as when I applied it, and I had it on for about fourteen hours.

I can’t vouch for other shades yet, but I’m quite pleased with Green Promenade and think this formula is very good. For $6 a piece they are definitely worth a try!

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