Kiko Water Eyeshadows!

kiko*purchased by me

During the holidays, I took advantage of some of the sales that were being run by Kiko Cosmetics, an Italian brand that is now available in the US. Naturally, I was interested in the eyeshadows, particularly the “Water Eyeshadow” formula. This formula is for wet and dry use. Each individual shade is $14. I have shades 207 Sepia, 208 Light Gold, 228 Taupe, and 212 Emerald Green.

kiko5228 Taupe

Sadly, 228 arrived broken. I emailed Kiko about the issue and they never returned my email. Technical difficulties, or bad customer service? Who knows. I can salvage it, but it’s still disappointing.

kiko3208 Light Gold

208 Light Gold is a popular MAC Whisper of Gilt dupe. I love this color for shadow and highlight.

kiko4207 Sepia

207 Sepia is the least shimmery of the bunch.

kiko2212 Emerald Green

As you can probably guess, 212 Emerald Green is my favorite of the bunch. It isn’t “emerald” and is more teal, but I don’t care. This is so beautiful applied wet, but it works dry as well.

kiko6212, 228, 207, 208

The formula of these shadows reminds me of the NARS Dual Intensity shadows. They are easy to work with and blend nicely. The price point is also reasonable for the performance! They do not fade on me with a primer (I haven’t tested without–I always wear primer), and I like how they apply.

I would definitely purchase more of these Kiko shadows in the future (once my eyeshadow ban is over, of course). 🙂

Do you have any favorite Kiko products?

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