Pur Cosmetics Love Your Selfie Palette

S1*purchased by me

Hello! I have a fun palette to share today, and that is the Pur Cosmetics (previously Pur Minerals) Love Your Selfie palette. I first discovered this in Ulta in the fall, and purchased it sometime around Christmas, basically for ONE shade (come on, surely I’m not the only one…). I’ve used Pur in the past and think they are underrated, as their products are truly quality!

S2The Love Your Selfie palette contains eight eyeshadows, a highlighter, a blush, mascara, and lip gloss. The packaging is made of cardboard, keeping it lightweight for traveling. I think this is just about perfect for travel because of everything it contains! And that mirror? BIG!

S3The color in particular that I really wanted out of this palette is Filter, the third shade in the top row. It’s kind of a pink-purple-rose gold-taupe–no, really. Weird description, but it’s a dimensional color and simply gorgeous! It doesn’t quite show that in the photos, but this is definitely one to check out in person.


The texture of the powders is really nice. Everything is soft and pigmented, and the color selection allows for both bold and natural looks. They stay all day with primer. There is a little bit of fall out, but nothing out of the ordinary.

The lip gloss is a pretty universal nude shade; I could see this working on people with all skin types. I have yet to open the mascara.

Overall, I love this palette! If you find Urban Decay Naked on the Run too bulky for traveling, you might want to try this one. It is about the same size, but this one is much lighter since it has cardboard packaging.

Do you have any favorite products from Pur?

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